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Message from Mike your webmaster

I wanted to personally say "Thank You" to everyone using our site for the past seven years. Wow, time flies when your havin' fun! I hope you will visit us all during the 2007 race season. We have our mailing list up and running. (We won't sell your name or spam you either!) Please do not post any ads on the message board to sign up for the list. (see link below) Use the message board just for ticket ads. Also, When submitting an ad, please DO NOT enter it more than once. If you want to view your ad, you will probably need to "REFRESH" or "RELOAD".

Your ad will automatically be deleted after that particular race is run or after 30 days. If you sell or trade your tickets before then, simply reply to your own ad with the subject "TICKETS SOLD".

Please visit our NEW comments page to see what race fans are saying about REC. See link below.

Thanks again & come back soon.

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An interesting article about "Ticket Scalping" at Daytona
you will need to answer some basic questions
See What Race Fans Are Saying About REC
these are real comments by actual users
Bristol Motor Speedway
see what Bristol is doing about "scalping"

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