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MIKE'S PAGE of Nascar Links and other Cool Stuff

While you are here visiting this page, be sure to check out some of my favorite places to go on the web. (Surfer discretion is advised... ...webmaster not responsible for occasional outbursts of laughter!... Enter at your own risk. blah-blah-blah disclaimer-disclaimer-disclaimer 2- "AA size alkaline" not included all models are 18 years or older)

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Fast Ford Here, too bad we sold it :-(
Twoey's Tasteless Jokes
Hundreds of sick, twisted, and demented jokes here
Women Trapped in a Pit Website
if you liked "Silence of the Lambs" you will probably like this
Visit the 4 time Champion's site
Will 2004 be his year again?
The "OFFICIAL" site
If you like paintball go here
splat! more fun than racing...
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
take a tour and check out the inductees in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio
My Favorite Soccer Player
go here to check this out!
exchange nascar tickets for "FACE VALUE"
Visit our friends at "StockCarFans"
sign up for a serious fan newsletter here
Jayski's Silly Season Page
this guy knows everything about nascar
Check the daily Top Ten List Here
You might just get a canned ham
Send a free postcard here
you can customize it for email
My Other Favorite Sport
even though I don't get to play much
Parrott-Heads will like this
some people claim there's a woman to blame...
Nascar Ryan's family site
schedules, scanner frequencies, etc. Great site!
Bob & Tom's website
Crazy A.M. Duo from Indy
alot of racing links here
Get your race scanner frequencies here
get up to date with

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people got lost here times.