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Racers Exchange Club Online
Message Board Rules

Please Read These Rules for Posting to Our Message Board

1) No Scalping tickets-anyone who sells tickets for inflated FACE VALUE will be banned from the board.

2) Put "For Sale", "For Trade" or "Wanted" in the title of your message.

3)Put the NAME of the race or DATE in the title of your message.

4)If you sell your tickets, post a reply to your message that says "Tickets Sold"

5)Hit the "Post" button ONLY ONCE. You may need to refresh your browser to see your message when you return to the board.

6) No Driver "Bashing" or foul language.


We are not responsible for message content. Be sure to ask specific questions regarding price, location and postage. We recommend sending tickets C.O.D. to protect each person involved.