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Racers Exchange Club Online
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This is the where we keep all of our Disclaimers

Thanks for visiting the Racers Exchange Club website. Here is some information and suggestions for using our site:

1) To PLACE or VIEW ticket messages, click on the Link below. It will take you to REC's message board.

2) We do not buy unneeded tickets nor do we sell race tickets. We are not a ticket agency. We just want to help fans exchange tickets with other fans.

3) This service is FREE as long as you do not inflate the ticket FACE VALUE

4) If anyone falls victim to "SCALPING", please email us and let us know and we will remove the ad from this site.
You may also post a reply on the board that says "Scalper Alert". Also the guilty party will be banned from future use.

5) We are not affiliated with Nascar or any other racing body or ticket agency.

6) REC has the right to edit or delete ads as needed to retain the integrity of the club.

7) When exchanging tickets with other members, please ask specific questions as to what you are getting as far as details on seating locations and price, etc. We suggest mailing tickets C.O.D. to protect each party involved.

8) REC is not responsible for content of ads placed on this site.

9) NASCAR is a registered name for National Assoc. Stock Car Auto Racing. Their official site is: ""

Thanks for visiting REC!
Come back soon and please tell a fellow race fan about us.